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Jeffery Knight

Jeff is a Husband and father two. He calls southern california his home, and enjoys spend relaxing weekends with his family.

About Us

AddictionHelp.guide was built with the desire to empower and connect those that are struggling through various forms of addiction. We want to empower them to know that they can take responsibility for their addiction, and begin to move forward on a path where they can overcome it. We also recognize that this is not an easy task, and this journey is not one that need be taken alone. We want to help connect people with others who have the experience, education, and expertise to help move those struggling from addiction from a place of defeat to a place of strength. Our team knows the struggle of addiction and how it completely engulf your entire life. 

 If there is anything we can do better or any questions we can answer please do not hesitate to reach out to us on social media. 

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